Centenary of women's full political rights in Finland

Politics and power games

Collection project Oral history on social activity in Finland (1.9-2006-1.6.2007)

The Folklore Archives of the Finnish Literature Society launched the national project ”Politics and Power Games”. Dr. Pauliina Latvala will use the collected material for her post-doctoral research on political culture from the perspective of oral history.

Within its framework, Finns will be able to write freely about the following themes:

  • Politics in the family and home region
  • Possibilities for social or political action during different period
  • Voting and candidates
  • Gender and power
  • Youth and politics
  • Political parties, power and challenges to politics
  • Politics, regionalism and civil society

The co-organizers of the collection project are Union for Rural Culture and Education Finland 90 Years, The Coalition of Finnish Women’s Associations, Women’s Working Group for Rural Development, Finnish Social Science Data Archive.

The collection aims to gather memories, narratives and experiences of everyday life at the grassroots level. The values, attitudes and notions men and women, young and old, have vis-à-vis social activism, are subject to change. Women’s narratives and oral history concerning attitudes and stereotypes to women and their social activity give shape to Finland’s gendered political history. What kind of political groupings formed in schools, workplaces or leisure settings? What factors have affected political participation? What issues people consider politically relevant? How people perceive the various parties? How gender equality and gender gap are expressed in narration? In addition to acquiring documentary writings, reminiscences, oral history and giving form to ideas, the collection will also seek narrative traditions about the theme. Notions about the Finnish political elite, may take shape in popular thought, and be crystallized as stories or jokes of political leaders. For further information, please contact Dr. Pauliina Latvala (University of Helsinki): pauliinalatvala@hotmail.com